With over 30 years' experience, we at Joshua Jacob assist your clients with independent, impartial advice on matters of Continuity & Succession for their business and Estate Planning for their personal affairs. We have long-standing relationships with strategic professionals that range from accountants and commercial finance brokers to IFAs and St. James's Place partners. It is comforting for them to know that we offer their clients a high level of service, a commitment to “treating customers fairly”, and professional indemnity.

Continuity & Succession

At Joshua Jacob we offer impartial, independent advice on a range of robust strategies in Disaster Recovery for business owners.

As a business owner, it is vital for your client to review their strategies. The loss of a fellow business owner, shareholder or partner can have a major impact on the continuation of a business. Retaining control is key.

Working across the sectors, we assist business owners by arranging the most tax-efficient strategies should the worst happen.

Our clients extend across a wide range of industries: • Printing • Packaging • Agriculture • Engineering • Manufacturing • Construction • Real Estate • Hospitality • Retail • Health Services

Our aim is to ensure that your client and their business enjoy Continuity & Succession.

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Continuity & Succession

Our expertise in assisting private clients and business owners with the protection of their assets is second to none. We have grown our Estate Planning business organically through our network of professional partners over the years.

We recognise the importance of protecting the Personal Estate of your client, and you can be assured our high levels of service and attention to detail extend to this area.

Our Estate Planning strategies focus on a suite of Trusts with the ultimate aim of mitigating inheritance tax as well as protecting against any other potential attacks upon your client’s bloodline. These attacks could be in the form of creditors, bankruptcy and/or divorce.


Take advantage of a full comprehensive review without obligation. To arrange an appointment, call us on 0333 344 9682.

Business Succession: Our Agreements

At Joshua Jacob we offer various strategies and arrangements for shareholders and partners.

Buy and Sell Arrangements

These are legally binding arrangements that dictate who can buy the interest in the business and at what price it will be sold.

If death is the trigger, the surviving stakeholders must buy the deceased’s interest in the business from the Estate using a pre-agreed method of valuation.

This method may not be suitable for strategical tax planning.

Buy/Sale Cross Option Agreement

With this arrangement, the Estate of the deceased has the option to sell the shares and the surviving partners or shareholders to buy the shares within a pre-determined period.

The Estate is legally bound not to sell the shares to anyone else during this time period. In certain circumstances, this can be a suitable tax strategy.

Single Option Agreement

A Single Option Agreement gives options to a partner/shareholder who becomes seriously ill. They can either stay in the business or sell their share to other partners or shareholders who must buy them.


This can also be configured in a tax-efficient manner.

Automatic Accrual Method

Used mainly by partnerships, this method means that if a partner dies, their shares pass automatically to the business’s remaining partners.

All the partners in the business could take out a Life Policy to compensate their Estate for their share of the business.

It is likely that these would be written into Trust, ensuring that the money goes to each of the partners’ beneficiaries.

Shareholders’ Agreement

The law relating to companies in the UK has very little to say about the relationship between shareholders.

It is very often the case that directors are also shareholders, blurring the lines between the rights and duties of an individual as a director and their rights and duties as a shareholder.

The main purpose of a Shareholders’ Agreement, therefore, is to regulate the relationship between shareholders, a company and its directors.



Print4 Limited

Print4 is an award-winning family business offering a comprehensive suite of print services. From initial design concept to final delivery, they have a heritage of exceeding expectations.

“We took advantage of a risk review from Joshua Jacob. I am delighted we took the opportunity as the review highlighted that our current arrangements had not been configured in a tax-efficient manner.”  MATT BOAM – DIRECTOR


HSL Construction

HSL Construction covers all aspects of commercial groundworks. Their services include Road Maintenance, Civil Engineering and Ductwork Installations. We also have teams of highly trained and specialist Telegraph Pole Installers.

“We were introduced to Joshua Jacob last year with a view to reviewing our Cross-Option Arrangements. Joshua Jacob were extremely professional, giving us clear advice and support through every step of the process. Many thanks to Simon, Frances and the rest of the team.” HELEN KITCHEN - FINANCE DIRECTOR


Fastlathe Limited

Providing subcontract precision engineering services for close to four decades, Fastlathe offer a first-class service which encompasses CNC Milling, CNC Turning and Powder Coating.

“Joshua Jacob explained the complete process in simple terms. We took up their recommendation and implemented the strategy. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.” PAUL HORSPOOL - MANAGING DIRECTOR


Kirk Hallam Homes Limited

Kirk Hallam Building Company Ltd was incorporated in 1969 as a family business and is now one of the longest established privately owned house building companies in Amber Valley.

“Joshua Jacob were invited to review our business, mindful of any risk inherent to them. The report was clear and easy to understand. We have engaged with Joshua Jacob and continue to receive a high level of service.” CLIVE STEVENSON - DIRECTOR


Business Lasting Power of Attorney


A BLPA is a powerful legal document which allows a business owner (Donor) to appoint persons of their own choice (Attorneys) to look after their business affairs. It can be used if they no longer wish to make these decisions or lack the capacity to manage their business affairs themselves.


The main objective of any sole trader, partner, or company director is to ensure the efficient running of their business. With daily decisions to be made, staff to pay and suppliers to meet, it is imperative that somebody is able to fulfil their duties if they should be taken ill or become mentally incapable.

If they can’t continue to run their business, either through being physically or mentally incapable (or by simply being out of the country for long periods of time), it is important that somebody has the authority to act on their behalf in relation to their business interests.

The Scenario


Bank accounts may not be accessible. Salaries and bonuses could therefore go unpaid; this may cause undue hardship for the employees and their families.


With a signatory unable to sign on the business bank accounts, suppliers may not be paid and cash may be withdrawn. Mr Smith’s suppliers will be left without payment and therefore refuse to send further products.


Without Mr Smith’s signature, the business could be prevented from entering new contracts, paying invoices, buying stock and authorising sales.



Most banks place limitations on accounts when they become aware that an account holder has lost capacity. Mr Smith’s bank could decide to call in any business loans when they become concerned that the business will now be unable to honour its obligations.


Without Mr Smith’s signature, the business may not be able to pay its creditors, as above. This could include HMRC.

Estate Planning and Private Clients

We at Joshua Jacob place great emphasis on attention to detail within the area of Estate Planning. In our holistic approach, we pay careful consideration to your client's needs and demands. This culminates in a comprehensive fact-find which allows us to then put forward robust Estate Planning strategies to your clients.

Using a series of Trusts, we work to protect your client’s family bloodline against creditors, bankruptcy, inheritance tax and divorce, ensuring both complete peace of mind for your client and the preservation of their wealth for future generations.

Our simple and informative videos below highlight the necessity of having a Will and the associated Trusts in place and explain the various forms of “attack” on your client’s Estate. You will also find a video on standard Lasting Powers of Attorney for those clients of yours looking to implement Health and Welfare and/or Property and Financial outside of a business.

“Taking the opportunity to review my Estate Planning with Joshua Jacob was time well spent. Joshua Jacob presented the plans available to me in clear and unequivocal terms. I put my chosen plans into place without a hitch and would not hesitate in recommending Joshua Jacob.”

Mr S of Toton, Nottinghamshire

“The complex area of Trusts was explained to us in simple terms by the team at Joshua Jacob. Protecting our family’s wealth was vitally important to myself and my wife. Thank you, Joshua Jacob, for your guidance and support.”

Mr and Mrs B of West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire

“Simon offered me a detailed, professional service. I highly recommend his expertise in handling sensitive and sometimes complicated personal matters. He was patient, understanding and thorough, always asking questions like, 'What if this should happen?' and, 'Have you considered this option?'. I would not hesitate in recommending Joshua Jacob to any of my friends.”

Mrs C of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire










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